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Dealing With Annoying Coworkers – Enterprise Edition

(Approximately 75 to 90 minutes)


This webinar will help the entire staff to professionally deal with annoying coworkers like the Unqualified, the Narcissist, the Bully, the Know-It-All, the Gossiper, the Micromanager, and the Loud Mouth to name a few. Learning to deal with these annoying coworkers will stop the worry, anger and fear you feel because of the situation. Dealing with these types of situations on a daily basis are affecting your mental health, physical health and your productivity. It is affecting your work life and your home life, so let’s deal with it now.

Difficult people and situations exist in every place that people work together on a regular basis. The situation will not get better if you try to ignore these people. As a matter of fact, it may make it worse. You might think you can leave the situation by physically leaving, only to find yourself in the same situation with another annoying coworker that just has a different name.

Learning Objectives

  • Three proven ways to approach the annoying coworker yourself.
  • How to approach the coworker as a group.
  • Five details you must define before approaching your boss about the coworker.
  • Using humor and sarcasm in an appropriate way to make a point and assert your confidence.
  • Two appropriate ways to limit your interaction with the coworker.

Who Should Attend

  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Customer Service Professionals
  • Team Leaders
  • Executive Management
  • Small Business Owners
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Sales Professionals
  • Everyone who interacts with people

Presenter – Sindy Martin

Sindy Martin 300dpi[2] copyAs the founder of Smartin International, Inc., Sindy is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer having delivered presentations on Professionalism, Cultural Protocol, Business Etiquette, Leadership and Communication. Her audiences include employees of Volvo, Bank of America, and Ralph Lauren to name a few.  She is an award-winning speaker and is the author of Smartin-Up Your Professionalism in 365 Tweets. Look for her Smartin-Up Your Professionalism tips on LinkedIn and other social media. Sindy guarantees you will learn something new every time you hear her speak!