Corporate Training Packages

Training On Demand – Corporate Training Packages

In addition to the individualized training provided through our program, we also offer enterprise training packages for your entire workforce.   This enterprise approach to training can drastically reduce your overall training costs and provide your entire workforce with an opportunity to grow and be more productive within your organization.

Customize your own “Training Portal”

You choose the training topics that suit your needs.  We separate the webinar training topics into basic categories to help you and your employees easily find the topics of interest to you and your team.  To keep it an affordable, low cost option for a comprehensive training program,  the overall cost of training is based on the size of your company and the number of topics of interest to you.  This flexible model can be customized in content, the look and feel of the access site, and personalized with your corporate name.  Give us a call with any questions or to get a customized pricing model based on your needs (610-482-2907).

Feel free to browse through some topics that are available below and then visit a mock version of what a customized site for your company would look like by entering the password – yourtraining  in the space above where is calls for the “Portal Password”.

Management and Leadership Skills

Enhancing the leadership and management qualities of you and your team improves productivity, better engages the employees, and promotes better employee retention.  Our training webinars focus on basic management and leadership skill sets, goal setting, and understanding their part in the overall financial health of the company.

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Professional Skills

It is easy to get complacent about professional development when things are going well.  But making an effort to help you and your employees grow professionally will help you succeed both in the short term and the long term.  Competition in the workplace and marketplace makes it more important that ever for companies and individuals to invest in their professional development.

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Operational Excellence

There are four main goals/objectives around all process improvement. These include improving quality, eliminating waste, reducing cycle time, and reducing total costs. Every process has a flow. These process improvement initiatives are not just for manufacturing, they can also be applied to more transactional processes used in HR, Sales, Finance and many others.  Our goal is to improve any process that has a beginning and an ending and all the steps in-between.

Operational excellence will not only save your company real money, it will lead to happier employees, and more satisfied customers.

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HR Skills For Managers

Even good managers can use a some help in some basic human resource skills.  This wide array of webinars includes topics on proper interviewing techniques, employee retention, correcting behavior in problem employees, dealing with difficult people, and providing a better understanding of the newest generation of employees, the Millennials.

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Miscellaneous Training Topics

These are topics that help employees deal with day to day issues that are sometimes difficult to define.  From how to deal with pressure on the job, to annoying coworkers, to developing their “Emotional Intelligence”, these webinars are some of our most popular “un-categorized” topics

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Microsoft Proficiency Training

The Excel training takes you from the basics through the most popular functions.  The webinar on Pivot Tables can provide you with a powerful way to store, access, and analyze huge amounts of data.

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Access a short two minute video of how the customized training portal works

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