Leadership vs Management

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This webinar will help you to compare and understand the differences between  “management” and “leadership” and why such an understanding is critical to you and your organization’s success.  We explore the importance of your strategy and what you can do to better position your own strengths and those around you for improved results driving productivity, improved relationships, employee morale and profitability.

These techniques will work cross-industry, with any organization and you will be able to apply these skills immediately.  With practice, you will begin changing the culture of the organization driving long-term sustainability. 

Areas covered in this webinar – Function and Purpose

  • A look at your current approach
  • Creating sustainable value by leadership as a cultural shift.
  • Define & compare leader mindset vs. conventional wisdom.
  • Understand strategies that consistently get better results through focus, intention and action.
  • Evaluate your leadership approach and skills on the journey to competitive advantage.
  • An action plan to make it happen for you and your team.

Who will benefit from this webinar 

  • Business owners
  • C Level executives
  • VPs, Directors
  • Managers of all levels
  • Everyone seeking to cultivate a mindset of excellence.

Presenter – Bob Forshay

Bob Forshay is a principal of Mastermind Group and a consultant with Transformance Advisors.  As a Certified Lean Master in Supply Chain and Operations Management he is an expert at implementing Lean-Six Sigma supply chain solutions for business leaders seeking a competitive advantage.  Holder of multiple certifications from APICS & ISCEA he teaches Lean Six Sigma Black Belts how to structure for the WIN-WIN.  Bob’s leadership success comes from his 30+ years of experience as a change agent. He can help you learn how to transform your supply chain management into a core competency creating competitive advantage. 

Bob is a frequent speaker for APICS, ISM, ASQ, SME and other groups and as an APICS Master Instructor he has taught supply chain management certifications since 1989, providing more than 3000 hours of supply chain and operations education to more than 1000 practitioners.  He also has served as an adjunct faculty member teaching Manufacturing Management.  As an experienced consultant and coach, Bob has helped scores of firms attack systematic waste, with a structured approach directly improving the bottom line for service or manufacturing, for profit and non-profit alike.


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