How To Be A Better Communicator


In this webinar, industry expert, Barbara Khozam, will help you understand and learn the interpersonal and communication skills you need to ensure mutual understanding when dealing with others. As a result you will maximize all your business interactions and achieve maximum results. This is a straight-forward communication class to help you become more successful.

Studies have shown that people with good communication skills are more successful – in all areas of their life! Effective communication skills impact our professionalism and our chances for career advancement. For most people, however, tact and diplomacy don’t come naturally.  It takes unique set of skills to truly hear what people are saying and to respond effectively – especially when you’re feeling challenged.

Areas covered

  • Understand how perception and image can impact others’ perception of you and your performance
  • Identify and remove the roadblocks to effective communication
  • Apply verbal and nonverbal techniques to build understanding
  • Get you point across with different personalities and situations
  • Answering tough questions with finesse and confidence
  • How to think on your feet  – especially in high stress meetings and conversations
  • Receiving and delivering feedback with grace and dignity
  • Negotiation strategies that get results

Who should attend

  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Customer Service Professionals
  • Team Leaders
  • Sales Professionals
  • Executive Management
  • Small Business Owners
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Everyone who interacts with people

Presenter – Barbara Khozam

096-Khozam-Barbara web cropAs the founder of Barbara Khozam Speaking and Consulting, Barbara is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer having delivered over 1000 presentations on Customer Service, Leadership, and Communication. Her audiences include employees of Xerox, Symantec, Verizon, and the FBI to name a few.  Known for her “High Energy/High Impact” delivery, outrageous wit, and ability to tackle real issues posed by her audience, she has been the recipient of dozens of awards for Sales Achievement & Outstanding Trainer Ratings. Barbara is the author of How Organizations Deliver BAD Customer Service (And Strategies that Turn it Around) and the co-author of The Power of the Platform, and Executive Etiquette Power. 

This 75-90 minute On-Demand Webinar will be available to view online for 30 days from the date of purchase.


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