Budgeting And Forecasting For Managers


This webinar will help you understand the elements of budgeting and forecasting.  It covers the budget formulation process, developing tools for budgeting, and how to benefit from these tools.  In addition, it will discuss how to control the budget through financial targets and cost control.  It is designed for managers and department leaders that prepare budgets and monthly forecasts.  Budgeting is an organizations process of defining its plan and direction in financial terms.  It helps to allocate resources, set goals, and determine the actions required to achieve the goals.

This webinar will also include how to prepare accurate forecasts and their relationship to the budget and strategic planning.

What you will learn

  • The necessity and characteristics of successful planning
  • Learn how to present ideas in financial terms for greater impact
  • Limiting risks and costs
  • How to prepare accurate budgets and forecasts
  • How to analyze the financial statements for performance and decision making.
  • Best practices in budgeting and forecasting

Who should attend

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Employees
  • Any one who wanted to develop goals
  • Anyone new Budgeting, Forecasting
  • Anyone who wishes to increase or refresh their knowledge of these areas

Presenter – David Sanders

David Sanders has over 36 years in the accounting & finance field having served as an accountant, corporate controller, and CFO . He has authored 4 books, 6 audio tapes, and has done countless seminars relating to business, accounting, finance, business operation and efficiencies. David is considered a world leading consultant on finance, business operations, turn-arounds, and government fund accounting having traveled the world serving companies large and small. He also consults on contract fraud, internal controls, and accounting & finance for non-financial Managers. David has degrees in finance, taxation, and accounting.

This 75-90 minute webinar will be available to view online for 30 days from the date of purchase.


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